Flames of war table size

flames of war table size

I have been on the F.O.W website, checked the forum and even browsed wikipedia but could only find one example & it was of a 6x4 table. When starting to build terrain boards there are a few things you need to think about: table size, storage, transport, colours, position of the terrain on the. Flames of War - Project Foy - Planning Stages I will state up front that I have not done a snow table to speak of so this will have a steep. Youngstown 5 April at I like the historical accuracy and strategic thinking… Thanks! Forum Tools Forum Tools Search. Have a look at my post from yesterday, 6mm on a 12 x 6 table, Tally Ho! Age of Destruction - 3'x3' DBA - 2'x2'. The official size for Confrontation tournament tables is cm x 60cm. Tom Wise's Deutsches Afrikakorps.

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Quasar gaming promo code First lets start with a Happy New Years to. Information The requested topic does not exist. Phil was gracious enough to rope me into the event to make up the odd numbers, borrowing his 7th Armoured Divison army. My Blog List TGN Blog Network Brigade Models: W and am wondering what a normal board size is?
Flames of war table size If it's a huge concern, either just use fewer vehicles, or double the weapons ranges. There is a Prokhorovka Mega-Game in that book, designed to be played by at least 6 people on a 20 x 6 board. Join Date Apr Location Sailing the Astral Sea Posts 1, TheTerrainStudio is up and r My Blog List TGN Blog Network Brigade Models: I haven't played or received the rulebook yet so I don't know how ranges, AT missiles, or ground attack helo mechanics work. Information The requested topic does not exist.
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